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We will walk through your property room-by-room discussing the market-readiness of the home and what steps we recommend taking in order to best market your home.  During this time it is important to remember that this is not a personal interior decorating consultation but rather a strategic marketing plan to most efficiently neutralize the home in order to appeal to a greater number of buyers.


Our Occupied Staging Process:


  • Overall Review:   You will receive a careful evaluation of the home in its current condition.

  • Proposal: Within 48 hours, a customized proposal for the staging needs of the home will be provided.

  • Set-Up: Our staging team will come in and complete staging, using all of your own furnishings and accessories.  Any pre-staging day instructions are given during the initial consultation and all staging day arrangements are pre-determined in the initial consultation.


Our Occupied Staging Packages:


  • Revamping and Rearranging

  • Accessories package available for rental



* NOTE: Sales tax not included



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