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All Vacant home staging packages are offered on a month–to-month contract terms.  Vacant packages include furniture rental, design, set up and delivery within 20 miles.  Additional delivery fees are based on the location area.  



Our Vacant Staging Process:


  • Overall Review:  You will receive a careful evaluation of the home in its current condition.

  • Proposal: Within 48 hours, a customized proposal for the staging needs of the home will be provided.

  • Move-in: Everything is handled from start to finish. You do not need to lift a finger.

  • Move-out:  Ten business day notices is requested prior to closing, in order to schedule proper move-out.  It is highly recommended that you keep the house fully staged until the closing paperwork is signed.

Our Vacant Staging Packages:


  • You pay an initial fee for furniture rental, design, and delivery.

  • After the first month, just pay for your monthly furniture rental only.



* NOTE: Sales tax not included



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