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Our design team can help you stage your vessel and get the stylish look you or your clients are looking for. By staging your yacht, you can easily obtain the sale you dream about. 


Our staging team strategically places accessories and other important décor elements which will help to enhance the marketing plan for a more successful sale. 


Our Yacht Staging Process:


  • Overall Review:   You will receive a careful evaluation of the vessel in its current condition

  • Proposal: Within 48 hours, a customized proposal for the staging needs of the yacht will be provided.

  • Set-Up: Our staging team will come in and carefully stage per our initial consultation agreement.

  • De-Stage: Ten business day notices are requested prior to closing in order to schedule proper de-staging.  It is highly recommended that you keep your vessel fully staged until the closing paperwork is complete.


Our Yacht Staging Packages:


  • Revamping and Rearranging

  • Accessories package available for rental



* NOTE: Sales tax not included


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